Celebrating Mother’s Day when your Mom has Passed Away

Although it will lessen as  time passes, the pain of losing your mom is something that stays with you forever.  This will be my 2nd Mother’s Day without my Mom and although the pain is less sharp it is still there.   Mother’s Day  can be wonderful time to spend with your family and children,  however it can also be  somber if your mom has passed away.

I’ve compiled a list of ways you can remember your mom on  Mother’s Day, this will keep her in your thoughts on a day which can be difficult to get through.


Make Her Favorite Recipe

Making a recipe that she really loved will help you to feel close to her and if you have children have them help you and you can talk about and share memories of your Mom.

Eat at Her Favorite Restaurant

If  possible visit your Mom’s favorite restaurant with your family or siblings and reminisce about when you went there with your Mom. 

Plant Her Favorite Flowers

Planting her favorite flowers will help you remember her and you’ll think of her every time you see the flowers.

Write Your Mom a Letter

Write her a letter telling her what’s going on in your life and how you’ve been feeling.  You can put it in a scrapbook or box of memories of your Mom.

Make a Scrapbook

Fill a scrapbook with mementos of her life, things she loved, pictures, cards she gave you, anything that reminds you of her.


I hope that these ideas will help you to have a good day as you remember your Mom on Mother’s Day.

One thought on “Celebrating Mother’s Day when your Mom has Passed Away

  1. Racquel, It is a strange coincidence that we are both at the two-year mark in losing our mom’s. Thank you for sharing these ideas. My family talks and laughs about my mom, and we toast to her memory on this day.


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