Transforming Lives Counseling Center

I have been asked many times what made me decide to start my practice and in particular why my practice is centered around providing psychotherapy to women and adolescents of color in particular Black women and girls.   This post will tell you a little about me and what led me down this path.

I’ve been a therapist for 26 years and I’ve worked in various capacities and several agencies as well as at an inpatient psychiatric hospital.    During this time I’ve worked with many different populations and have also been a speaker at different organizations and written articles about therapy with Afro Caribbean families and women.

Working at agencies is very stressful and although I loved my clients I knew I couldn’t be there forever. I had always wanted a private practice but due to several circumstances I didn’t begin the process until 2016.   After my last position as a clinical supervisor at an outpatient substance  abuse clinic in New York City, I decided that it was time to start my practice.  I’ve always been passionate about helping women of color especially Black women who often struggle with finding culturally competent mental health treatment .   I started Transforming Lives Counseling Center in July 2016, first it was only online and then as I grew I decided to open an office in addition to seeing people online via video. Currently I’m online and plan to continue with an online practice. My practice has grown so much since this time and I’ve expanded and in addition to myself, TLCC has 4 other therapists. The other therapists are Latifa Williams, LMHC, Gabrialle Taylor, LCSW, LaJeanna Haughton, LMSW and Susanne Berman, LMSW.

People have also asked if it’s discriminatory that my practice focuses on the mental health needs of women and girls of color in particular Black women and girls.  Psychotherapy is often viewed as a luxury for wealthy white people and I wanted to bring culturally competent care to Black women and girls who often don’t get to see people who look like them as therapists.   All our clients are not women and girls of color.  We will work with anyone who feels they need to begin therapy to learn how to live a fulfilling life however our primary goal and focus will always be helping Black women and girls.  If you want to learn more, take a look at our website, Transforming Lives and also my website   .

Be well

Racquel P. Jones, LCSW

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